Hello, you!

I was MIA for some time, I know — but there’s a reason behind that. I was, and still am, struggling between what I think is best for me and what I think is best for my so-called “Future” (taking care of Mom and Dad included). As a result, everything feels a whole lot more oppressive and scary than they should… And although it all makes me wanna hide, I won’t anymore.

OK! So — I’ll start by saying ‘thank you’. If you’re still here with me after all this time, it’s because you wanted to check my work and/or how I’m doing and that makes me feel honored. But let’s get this party started because I do have some news!

Prepare yourself for a new Short Story! (That WILL actually be published)

At some point in the past few months, I’ve decided to join a writing forum, focusing mainly on improving my craft.  What I couldn’t expect to find were new, fantastic writer friends, among whom I met Fabis — with whom I’m now working on a side project we entitled “The Steampunk Detectives”.

In other words: Am I really writing to make the world a better place?

The setting is Imperial Brazil, with a mix of Fantasy, sci-fi and a Steampunk visual theme. And even in the XIXth century, the idea is still to work with diverse characters who are free to be whoever and whatever they want to be. But while discussing this with my co-writer, I noticed something we should all question ourselves:

Am I really trying to smash every piece of constructed prejudice inside me? Are my choices, as a writer, really leading me to improve the place I’m in or am I simply duplicating old customs and terrible ideas?

In other words: Am I really writing to make the world a better place?

This question is precisely what led me to write this article today.

Let me explain, though, because every piece of advice needs some explanation, right?

In our Short story, Vicência and Luísa are a homosexual couple living in a small Palace in Imperial Brazil. As part of the initial plot development (that should include a murder), I considered ‘killing’ Luísa, to deepen Vicência’s pain and therefore her connection with the scheme behind her lover’s death.

NO, I don’t WANT to separate homosexual couples because people MUST see them having Happily Even Afters.

“But,” I thought, “is it really necessary? Like, REALLY?”

Answer is (and will most probably always be) “No”.

I won’t, in this post, dwell much on how easily Hollywood “””used to””” kill its homosexual characters (or, you can ask yourself after checking this list: ‘Really? Used to?‘) but I WILL say that:

NO, I don’t need to kill a strong female character. NO, I don’t need to ruin my lesbian couple. NO, I don’t WANT to separate homosexual couples because people MUST see them having Happily Even Afters. People MUST understand it’s normal and that they DO deserve to be happy with their partners!

And I know, I know, sometimes we simply don’t notice what we’re doing until someone points that out.  It’s difficult, I get that. Sometimes this kind of thought is SO rooted in our brains that we can’t see them driving us to repeat patterns like this. But we still do it sometimes — and that’s why we MUST always be vigilant, always aiming towards creating better versions of ourselves, so we can help others too.

So, #LetLuisaBeHappy and PLEASE make sure you, too, will start questioning your own creative decisions. Remember of how Mighty your pen is and…

Put that Mightiness to good use!


1 Comment on “Unpile those building blocks! Ask yourself: am I really writing to make a difference?

  1. Hey, girl! Glad to hear from your “online self” again! Great post, as always!
    xoxo ❤



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